Langley Whale Center

Dive into the world of whales and other marine mammals at the Langley Whale Center. These amazing animals are becoming increasingly rare. As a project of the Orca Network, the Langley Whale Center hopes to increase awareness and education. Bring the family for a chance to learn from their trained and knowledgeable staff and view exhibits - including skeletons and specimens collected in the area - that will thrill any whale enthusiast.

The Langley Whale Center is open for tours Thursdays through Sundays, 11am to 5 pm. For the most current information, refer to their website or contact them at 360-221-7505. 
orcas swimming in water

Education, Fun, &
Marine Mammal Merch

The Whale Center in Langley gives visitors and residents a chance to learn more about the endangered Southern Resident orcas who visit the area each fall/winter, and about the North Puget Sound Gray Whales, a small, unique population of Gray whales who find sustenance in the waters of Saratoga Passage and Possession Sound each March - May.

Spend time in the gift shop area to browse the wealth of merchandise available. Kids will love the marine-themed stuffed animals that they can cuddle with after they leave. For the adults, pick up jewelry, apparel, books and DVDs to learn even more about what you've seen at the Center.

Not looking for merchandise but passionate about the cause? Simply donate if you'd like to contribute to the Orca Network and the Langley Whale Center. 

Virtual Tours Available

If you are currently staying closer to home and would like to visit the Langley Whale Center from the comfort of your room at the hotel, then check out their virtual tour option! 

The virtual tour starts with an introduction and then takes you through a series of videos to show you each of the exhibits at the Center. It's the perfect choice if you have children who are doing virtual learning! 

Check out the virtual tour. 
whale tail in water
Super educational experience on the local orca pods. Great place to learn new things as well as confirm other ideas. Highly knowledgeable staff. Lots of fun and interesting items in the shop. Great for kids and adults.
The Langley Whale Centre is a wonderful spot to learn more about whales. Especially our local Orcas that are in dire straights. The staff members are knowledgeable and forthcoming with info on our local populations and sightings of the pods. Interesting displays and bones. Recommend a stop
Fun Place, Lots of Interesting Things to See! I am a big whale enthusiast and was excited when we drove by this Center while in Langley. My family and I enjoyed all the cool things to look at. The women working there were so sweet, friendly, and knowledgeable. Both my boys were so excited to find some cute whale stuffed animals in the gift shop side of the store.
This is a good place for the kiddos. Most of the time I find the local museum or themed stores that say "Whales" or similar to be snooty and over the top preachy. Not here. This place is exactly what we all need to foster the conservation of nature, in this case whales. They are low key and inviting. Come see the whale skulls and visit the gift shop.
Jack Hatley
We love the Langley Whale Center and have stopped by every trip to Whidbey for years. Tons of information about whales, some interesting artifacts, pamphlets you can pick up, souvenir options to buy... Relaxed atmosphere staffed with very friendly local naturalists and whale experts. Definitely worth stopping by for friends and families alike!
Lauren Oke